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You want to hunt with a reliable, high-quality rifle. You should expect the same quality out of your decoy spread. Whether you're just starting out or need to update your duck decoys with new rigs, Hebert's Custom Decoy Rigs, LLC can help.

We don't sell just any rigs. Our rigs and lines use a custom design specifically made to make hunting easier and more successful. We also build our products to last, so you can put your trust in them hunt after hunt. Contact us today for the lines and rigs you need.

How our products are different

Decoy rigs might look simple, but there's a big difference between ordinary designs and our patented custom decoy rigs. Choose us to anchor your duck decoys and know that our products are...

Strong - We use a custom Texas rig design that is built to last without warping
Versatile - You can get the rigs you need for your specific hunt, from long lines to jerk rigs
Convenient - Our products are easy to attach and use a tangle-free design to save you a lot of hassle

Ask about our line of products when you call us today at 337-580-2338.

Not sure what hardware to use? Just ask.

Not sure what hardware to use? Just ask.

Hebert's Custom Decoy Rigs isn't just a decoy rig supplier. We know waterfowl hunting inside and out and can answer your duck decoy questions. You can count on us for excellent customer service whenever you need new hardware. We'll get you back on the water without the headache.