Hunting in a Deep Lake or River? We Can Help.

Ask about our custom long lines and drops

Hunting waterfowl over deep water creates additional challenges. But that doesn't mean you have to struggle to set up an effective spread. Hebert's Custom Decoy Rigs, LLC sells custom long lines and long line drops that will make deep water hunting as easy as possible.

You can order lines with different lengths to match your hunting ground. All of our lines are easy to attach and highly durable, so you can count on them to keep your ducks in place while you work. Get the long lines and long line drops you need by calling us at 337-580-2338.

Worried about tangles? Don't be.

Worried about tangles? Don't be.

The longer the line, the worse the tangling, right? You can breathe easier when you choose Hebert's Custom Decoy Rigs for your long lines. We use a custom tangle-free design that won't leave you with a mess. From transporting your decoys to the water to deploying and retrieving them, you can rest assured that you won't have to deal with the hassle of untangling your lines.

Experience the difference our custom long lines make when you contact us today.