Work Smart, Not Hard

Take advantage of custom Texas rigs for your decoys

Getting ready for hunting season? Whether you hunt for sport or work, you want to enjoy your time on the water, not spend it all just getting ready. You can turn to Hebert's Custom Decoy Rigs, LLC for custom Texas rigs that will make your offseason work quicker and easier.

Texas rig decoys can be attached in just a few minutes, giving your decoys the weight they need to stay in place without a lot of hassle and effort. No matter how many decoys you use in your spread, you can get ready for a successful hunt with less stress. Find out more about Texas rigs when you contact us today.

The advantages of Texas rigs

The advantages of Texas rigs

Our custom rigs go above and beyond what you'll find with ordinary PVC designs. You'll appreciate that...

They're tangle-free, making storage and transportation a breeze
Their steel cable design makes them extremely durable
They don't kink with use, so you can use them however you need without worry

Improve your game with our custom Texas rigs. Call 337-580-2338 now.